CFX Boxing Glove Deodorizer Refill


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Alyssa C.
Smells amazing!

I had to throw away my old pair (another brand) because it had gotten old. These work perfectly, they hold my gloves well, and I love that I can change out the scent packets. I will absolutely be buying more in the future. It’s a great product; exactly what I was looking for!

Hali E.
Easily the best way to make your gloves last and smell great!

Their scents are FANTASTIC and non-cloying like *those* green & gray glovedogs everyone gets online. I prefer the Jasmine over the Eaglewood because the scent is lighter and more refreshing. I love the fact you can buy refills. Even though the pair of deodorizers I bought a year ago are still kickin' out a lovely scent, I know gyms have oodles of bacteria and I want to keep my gloves in use. I put the "old" refills in my car and closet for a little extra added freshness.

Tom Lee
Dries gloves well

I had used a scented boxing glove deodorizer for months, and the smell was so strong my wife made me keep them in the garage, and the gloves would be soaking wet inside still even after days. The Chimera scentless deodorizers have all but eliminated the smell, and the gloves are so much drier inside.

Eliminates boxing glove odors

These worked very well and quickly took the odor out of the gloves. I plan to to continue using these to sanitize my gloves.

Jared Y
Smells nice

Nice pleasant smell. Not overpowering. Appreciate the free refill