Inspired by the mythological creature comprised of a lion, goat, and snake, Chimera Fight Exchange is a fight lifestyle brand that celebrates the hybrid nature of MMA and contemporary fight culture.

Our Philosophy

With self defense, comes self discovery

We aim to share the unique stories and authentic nature of all fight sports to showcase the idea that they aren’t something to be intimidated by. We believe everyone has the ability to practice martial arts and embrace it as a form of creative expression.

Fighting the good fight

Eco-warriors have entered the ring

At our core, we're fighters and we're here to help in the fight to save our planet.

Our team is passionate about making environmentally conscious decisions that are reflected in our products, packaging, and how we operate our company.

We believe in creating and curating quality gear for the everyday fighter that won't come as a heavy cost to you or the Earth. As we grow, one of our main goals is to continue finding ways to create a space where being sustainable will come as easily as our love for fight sports.