When we created our CFX boxing glove deodorizer, one of the things we noticed was that other deodorizer alternatives were just thrown in the trash after the scent fades away after a period of time. That is why we incorporated a zipper into our boxing glove deodorizer and created separate refill packs so that you may change them out without having to throw the entire deodorizer away. That way you can just keep the existing deodorizer and get new refill packs to save waste. The fillings inside the refill satchels are compostable and environmentally friendly. 

Product Instructions/Care:

After removing the refill packs from the boxing glove deodorizer, machine wash cold or hand wash the boxing glove deodorizer satchels and let it dry overnight. You may then insert the new pair of deodorizer refills into your boxing glove deodorizer. You can insert the same scent you originally purchased or try out a different scent! Here is a video demonstration of how to use the refill the CFX Boxing Glove Deodorizer. 



Whatever steps you end up taking, we thank you for being a part of our push to help shape a more sustainable future!

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