It’s sparring day. You’re really excited to put together everything you learned that week into practice. You get all of your equipment on and when the timer rings, your training partner throws the first jab. You slip it no problem, but something else knocks you down: the stink of a dirty boxing glove.

For those that are new to any martial art that requires the use of a glove, you will soon realize that without proper care, your gloves can end up really smelling like the inside of a trash can. Your gloves will also break down much quicker without proper cleaning and won’t last as long as you’d like. Keeping your gloves clean free of odors and bacteria is more simple than you might think. 


Why Do Your Boxing Gloves Stink

More often than not, cleaning your gloves becomes an afterthought. You’re dead tired from giving it your all and the last thing you're thinking about is cleaning them after you take them off; totally understandable. The smell coming from your boxing gloves is a bacterial odor. Your boxing gloves make for the perfect breeding ground for bacteria to multiply as the sweat and moisture from your hands promotes bacterial growth. 

How You Can Stop Your Boxing Gloves from Smelling

Boxing Glove Deodorizers

Our refillable boxing glove deodorizers are a quick, no-hassle solution to unsanitary gloves by absorbing the odors and sweat via the anti-microbial polyester/cotton satchels. The scented fillings also provide a nice fresh scent after absorbing all of the odor and moisture from the gloves so every time you drill or spar with your partners, they’ll get that nice whiff of freshness coming their way!

Our deodorizers are made of a premium 95/5 cotton-polyester blend with a double stitched finish for enhanced durability. All refill sachets are made of natural fillings, such as wood chips or bamboo charcoal. Our deodorizers are made to be reusable and refillable so no need to throw the entire deodorizer away after the scent fades away over time. The refill sachets fillings are made with a natural, non-toxic aroma spray. After training, wipe down your gloves with cleaning wipes and insert the deodorizers into your gloves in an open space. For best results, leave inside the gloves overnight until your next training session. 

In Conclusion

Taking care of your boxing gloves is surprisingly simple and can be easily integrated into your routine. It's not only very important for the longevity of your gloves but also, it'd be nice to known around the gym as the person with the best smelling gym bag.


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